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Create your Spots! You are able to measure the distances and to deposit important information.


You get an exact overview of your catches at any time and you are also able to deposit all important information as well as pictures.


The mapview gives you an overview of the waters you are fishing at. The map also supports you when laying down rods over long distances.


The evalution of your fishing will help you to become even better! Here you can statistically evaluate the information you have collected and draw conclusions about your catchsuccesses and blanks.


Create your personalized catchlog and keep statistics that will help you improve your fishingskills. You are able to evaluate your own experiences and draw conclusions that will help you to be even more successful in your upcoming sessions. No detail is left unnnoticed.

Mapping & Spots

You will be supported by a mapping in which you can set up your spots and basecamps and determine distances. You can also assign your catches to the given spots and evaluate them.


The more information is processed, the more precisely the potential for improvement can be derived. Originally developed by carp anglers, Fishy is suitable for all angler! Regardless of whether predetory fish, sea angler, allrounder or carphunter. The added value that can be derived from Fishy is applicable to all types of fish. You are also able to enter your previous catches retrospectively.

Best solution

Fishy can be used not only on the Smartphone, but also on the tablet. For many, however, the benefit on the PCis also important. If something needs to be addedor planned, many people continue to use the PC. And that is another great advantage of Fishy. All Data is synchronized on the devices. This is guaranteed by the fact that Fishy is a cloud-solution and therefore with the latest security standard. Your Data is safe and only belongs to you! If a device change is necessary, that is no problem with Fishy! You have your personal account for this and can easily switch between devices. Fishy runs on iOS and Android on mobile devices.


Convenient and with perceptible tools that are managed via the smartphone.


Further data can be entered very easily on the tablet and thus expand your database.


If images or other important information need to be updated, this can also be easily done on the PC.

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